Postal workers say pilot program slows down mail routes, pushing deliveries into night

Some time in late fall, Miriam Linder noticed mail was coming later and later – sometimes as late or 7 or 8 p.m.

“We go, ‘Oh, gee, there must be something going on. This guy had a rough day or something, and so that’s weird,” Linder said.

But the issue persisted, and Linder, who works as a cabinet maker now but who delivered mail on a rural route in California when she was younger, started asking people – including her own mail carrier and her friend Jamie Partridge, a retired mail carrier and the co-founder of Community and Postal Workers United – what was going on. 

It wasn’t just that her carrier had one bad day, or even a string of them, and it wasn’t Linder’s imagination. Instead, she discovered her post office – 97217, which Includes several neighborhoods in North Portland – is participating in a national pilot project to uncouple mail sorting from mail delivery.

Read more at Street Roots.

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